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What's Right To Do If You Have Locked Car Keys Inside Your Car?

When you have locked car keys inside your car, what are your options? Here we provide a list of the best ways to get your car unlocked.

Many new vehicles feature advanced vital fobs, touchpads, and remote-lock sensors, which almost certainly guarantee that you won’t be locked out. But what about the millions of people who still manually lock and unlock their cars? Is their future plagued with prybars and cracked car windows?

From a locked vehicle getting your keys out may be simple if you have the right tools. You can probably get by without visiting an auto body shop near you to replace your window. Here are some helpful hints for getting access to your locked automobile safely.

Locking your car keys in an emergency is a simple mistake, but if you’re lonely miles from anybody and your house keys are trapped in the car on the keyring, it’s not so simple. Your house keys will probably be trapped inside the vehicle, so figure out how to extract them. If you discover that your car keys have fallen out of the ignition, follow these steps to remove them:

locked car keys

1.   Get Your Spare Key

When you buy a new automobile from a dealer, they typically give you a set of vehicle keys. If this sounds familiar and you’re at home, consider looking for that spare first.

2.   Load Up Your App

Automakers are also using wireless technology to unlock your car remotely. Newly manufactured automobiles may be opened in this way. You’ll need to sign up for a membership and connect your car to your account before your lockout, but doing so right after you buy it will prevent future lockouts. Here’s a list of popular vehicle manufacturers’ lockdown applications:

GM vehicles use this technology to provide a keyless access and start (KAS) system. It allows you, as your vehicle’s owner, to remotely lock or unlock it, start or stop its engine, sound the horn, and even locate it using cellular technology.

The Hyundai smart key allows you to start, stop, and turn on your headlights and your vehicle’s horn.

Safety and convenience are the priorities for new customers when selecting a Toyota vehicle. Everything from collision repair to roadside assistance is included, as well as hands-free navigation, dynamic air conditioning, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, remote lock/unlock, Vehicle Health Reports, maintenance alerts, and connectivity to Alexa and Google Assistant.

 This app allows you to lock and unlock the doors, get recall notifications, access maintenance information, and locate your Toyota.

The MySubaru smartphone app can lock and unlock your vehicle, start and stop it remotely, and even disable it if it’s stolen via STARLINK.

3.   A string or fishing line may be used to unlock manual locks.

Do you have an old automobile with manual locks? Become MacGyver: grab a few feet of shoestring, fishing line, or twine, form a loop in the middle of the string, and work it into the door’s opening. Hook the loop onto the locking mechanism and pull up.

locked car keys

4.   Should I Break In?

This isn’t something we suggest you try to force open or break; doing so could cause harm. It’s also dangerous to smash the glass because both you and others can be injured if done incorrectly.

There are several methods to get your keys from a locked automobile, but breaking the window or locks will result in high costs for repairs. If you break the window or lock your car, you may have invalidated your insurance and cannot make a claim. 

5.   Should I Call the Police?

If you have your car keys and want to report the emergency, the usual advice is not to call +1 (501) 389-8286 since it isn’t an emergency. To resolve the problem, search for a spare key or engage an automobile locksmith.

On the other side, if you’ve left your keys in the car on a hot or cold day and there’s someone vulnerable inside, such as a small kid or pet, you should call the cops.

If you’re in doubt about whether or not to call Ambulance, it is a good idea to check the number carefully. If you think there’s a danger of death or bodily harm, call +1 (501) 389-8286 for help. This is also a fact if your car has gotten stuck on a dangerous road, such as a slip road, or if it is preventing passage and putting itself in danger of being struck. 

6.   Is it better to contact my insurance or not?

It’s not always the best idea to contact your insurance since you’re probably stuck somewhere. However, if you have “key cover” on your vehicle insurance policy, you should be able to reach out to them and receive a new auto key. Get your keys locked in your car and cannot be used, and you should be able to retrieve them without acquiring replacements. 

7.   Should I Contact Roadside Assistance?

If you’re a member of a roadside assistance group such as the AA or RAC, you could call them for assistance. They will try to unlock your car without causing damage, even if they are unable to do so. However, if they cannot gain entry, they will frequently contact a ARD Locksmith. 

8.   Is It Time to Call a ARD Locksmith?

Yes, they do. The unique approach to fixing the problem of your keys being locked in your automobile is to hire an automobile locksmith. They are equipped and trained with the tools necessary to open a vehicle without a key. They should be able to access your car without causing any damage and return you with your keys.

The locksmith will need details about your automobile, such as the make and model. 

locked car keys


If you have locked or forgotten your keys in your car, there are a few options to retrieve them. You can try to break in, call the police, or contact a ARD Locksmith. The best option is usually to call a ARD Locksmith since they will be able to gain entry without causing any damage. Do not forget to ask about their rates before they begin work. 

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