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Follow These Smart Ways to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Burglaries can happen to anyone, at any time. Make sure you’re taking the necessary precautions to protect your loved ones with these smart ways to keep your home safe!

We may unwind at our house after a hard day in the office or out on the town. Most of us feel completely secure at home, and it is a location where we can truly relax. Unfortunately, there are certain dangers to this safety that might ruin your day.

Natural disasters, robberies, accidents, and other dangers may endanger your property or family. By installing a security system or electronic door locks, you can help to keep your family safe.

Installing a Security System and Electronic Door Locks

 Many security systems are pretty affordable and easy to install, with some able to be installed without professional help. The most common features among these home security systems usually include alarms, door and window sensors, cameras, smart keys, and electronic door locks. Some even go as far as automatically alerting the authorities in emergencies.

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Inspect Your Locks to Make Sure They’re Strong and Working Properly

Everyone must secure their doors to keep them safe. However, you should check your front door locks regularly. Locks can deteriorate with time and stop functioning effectively after years of usage.

Test your locks regularly to ensure they are functioning correctly. If you don’t, your home could be at risk–even if the safety needs cleaning or lubrication.

There are various types of door locks on the market today, and some of your best options include smart door locks that may be programmed and controlled using an app on your phone.

Avoid Making Your Home Look Uninhabited

Although a security system bolstered by top-of-the-line electronic locks does much to protect your home, it’s still vulnerable when you’re away, and no one is present. Most burglars target homes that look unoccupied because they don’t want to deal with people.

If you’re on the road for a few days or more, it’s a good idea to fake being at home even when you’re gone. This may be accomplished by using timers to turn on lights, allowing the next-door neighbor to park in your driveway, having someone pick up the mail, and so forth.

Have an Evacuation Plan

Disasters can quickly become a safety hazard for your family if you’re unprepared. Make sure to Script out an evacuation plan for more minor disasters, like fire, and larger ones, such as floods or hurricanes.

You should draw it out and make sure it is easy to find and refer to for all in your family. It can’t hurt to test it out, as well. During the heat of the moment, you may not be able to look at the diagram or read the plan, so you need to ensure everyone in the family knows it so they can escape safely.

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Keep Stairs, Hallways, and Other Rooms Clean of Debris

Your actions cause many dangers in your home. For example, you can easily hurt yourself by tripping and falling. So, keeping your home clean is essential, especially around stairs and in hallways near doors. It might take the entire family to keep the area clean, but it is well worth it. It just takes one item in an incorrect location to lead to something horrible, so stay in high-traffic areas clear of dangerous or trip-inducing items.

Implementing these safety suggestions is a great way to protect your home and family.

Security tips for new homes

On the other hand, fake security decals may be a deterrent to robbers, according to evidence. However, we recommend looking into the real thing as well.

1.   Upgrade the current locks

It would be best if you replaced all the locks when moving into a new home because the previous occupants might have given keys to other people. If you’re renting, ask the landlord if they’ve replaced the locks before considering doing it yourself. Additionally, Update any low-quality locks while at it so they can avoid being picked or kicked open easily.

2.   Improve home security by installing a security system

Once you’ve covered the fundamentals of home security, it’s time to install a security system. The most effective home security systems are simple and don’t have to break the bank. You may also put a surveillance camera on its own or as part of a more comprehensive security solution.

Video surveillance cameras with mobile applications are fantastic since they allow you to see real-time video through a smartphone app anytime. If your system has smart home automation functions, you can set a timer to turn on the lights throughout the house at specific times so that your property appears occupied from the exterior.

You can get a wired or wireless home alarm system. If you go for the wireless security system, you don’t have to worry about installation.

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3.   Keep the yard clean and bright

Bad landscaping has the potential to annoy both your neighbors and you. Dense trees and burnt-out or insufficient lighting are all significant benefits for potential thieves. Lights, especially in dark areas, aid in the prevention of intruders. Consider installing lights on your property’s front and back yards and pathways leading to them.)

  • Yard lighting: Infrared motion sensors in automated lights can be very effective deterrents. These are especially useful when you’re gone on vacation. For a greener choice, use solar-powered lights.
  • Street lighting: Burglars typically prefer to work on streets with dim lighting. You can help improve security for yourself and your neighbors by asking your neighborhood association if they can add more lights to the road.
  • Fence or gate: A solid, permanent wall, such as a picket fence, is more private and difficult to scale than a chain-link fence. You may install a lock on the gate or fence entrance for added protection.

4.   Get to know your neighbors!

Making new friends is a source of fun and can help keep each other safe. For example, you can take turns watching each other’s homes when one of you goes on vacation. Also, knowing your neighbors makes it easier to spot a stranger in the area.

  • Set up a neighborhood watch program: Decreasing crime starts with the community. Work together with your neighbors and compare notes on what works in your area. You can also bring in a local law enforcement officer to speak at a meeting and offer tips on how everyone can best work together to keep things safe.

*Making your home secure is an essential step in protecting your family. By following these smart ways, you can give yourself some much-needed peace of mind.

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