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8 Different Types of Commercial Locksmith Services

An overview of the different types of commercial lock services a locksmith can provide. The article will explain each service, and why it should be used. Security is significant for any business or office. One of the best ways to ensure safety is by focusing on entrances and exits. By securing doorways, you can prevent intruders from entering while allowing those authorized to enter to do so without much hassle. To make the most of your security, here are eight types of commercial locksmith services you can depend on:


1.   Commercial Lock Installation

At ARD Locksmith, we specialize in commercial lock installation and servicing. We can replace your old, worn-out locks with new, more reliable ones quickly and efficiently. Business theft is all too common, so it’s crucial that your building has effective locks—if you notice your business’s locks becoming unreliable, don’t hesitate to call us.

Types of Commercial Locksmith Services

If you need new locks, you can select to stay with the same manufacturer and model or use this experience as an opportunity to test something newer. Our highly-skilled locksmiths are constantly exploring new technology trends, so they can help you design even better lock systems using electronic or intelligent locks.


2.   Electronic Lock Services

Our electronic lock systems provide an excellent way to secure a building. In particular, if you need to restrict access only to authorized individuals, we can recommend an access control system that will recognize your employees and other authorized people while keeping everyone else out. By installing electronic systems, like smart locks, you improve security and gain the ability to monitor and manage your locking mechanisms from anywhere.

We can install new electronic systems that work alongside your existing ones, regardless of how old they may be. If you have an older system, we can replace it with a newer version that will work well with the additions and improvements you want. You can tailor your electronic lock system exactly how you envision it. Working together, we’ll determine the best locks and software for your business needs.


3.   Antique Lock Repair

Although you may fear that replacing old locks will hurt the vintage feel of your building, it is necessary to prevent any liabilities. Regardless of condition, these older locks aren’t as secure as contemporary ones.

Types of Commercial Locksmith Services

Safety and security are important for any business, but you don’t have to sacrifice style to get it. With locksmith services, you can have both. They can help restore your antique locks and design a security system that works with your vintage aesthetic. That way, you can enjoy peace of mind without compromising on appearance.


4.   Security Camera Systems

The ARD Locksmith doesn’t only help with regular locks, but we can also assist you in setting up CCTV security cameras to monitor your business better!

If an intruder does get past your security system, you will have a document to review that can help identify the perpetrator. Furthermore, it can assist in quickly finding issues and vulnerabilities, like a door that isn’t working correctly, and could render your security system useless. We can also integrate security camera systems with access control systems. This is a nifty feature if you need to provide context to an audit trail.


5.   Building Intercom Systems

Intercom systems not only improve employee communication but also allow security to confirm a visitor’s identity before granting entry into the building. Not only can you use building intercom systems for general announcements, but you can also rely on them to keep you informed about the status of your security system.

Types of Commercial Locksmith Services

In case of a breach or other issue, an intercom will help everyone become aware of the problem as quickly as possible, allowing you to respond more effectively.


6.   Storefront Door Installation and Replacement

If you need a complete storefront, we can provide that for you. Storefront door installations are popular because they’re made with sleek and attractive aluminum material. Furthermore, the aluminum is incredibly durable and resistant to damage and decay—ensuring that the entrance to your business remains secure.

Storefronts from us are cost-effective, flexible, and eco-friendly. You’ll receive a top-quality storefront explicitly made for your business without going over budget. Plus, you can feel good knowing that you’re reducing your negative impact on the environment. If ever need be, we recycle the aluminum to create an entirely new storefront.


7.   Door Hardware Installation

You can install several types of security systems on your doors to deter intruders. But what are some specific additions you can make? Two standard options are door alarms and door closers. A door closer is a device that prevents a door from being left open or slammed shut.

Alarms do precisely as you would think–they sound when somebody tries to come in through a door without the necessary permission. Doing this lets others know that someone is trying to enter your office or business without being allowed. Door alarms are also crucial for informing customers and employees about fires and guiding them during an emergency.

Types of Commercial Locksmith Services

Lastly, panic or crash bars, commonly called exit devices, are crucial for emergency exits to guarantee that people can rapidly and securely leave the building. These are some of the most frequent door hardware augmentations you’ll find. Not to mention, numerous municipalities require panic hardware by fire code, so it’s not only recommended–it’s essential for your business.


8.   Lockout Assistance

It occurs sometimes. Have you ever been unable to enter your building, even though you had your ID on hand? Or maybe you forgot your ID at home. If this happens to you, call us, and we will send someone to help get you back inside with as little fuss as possible.

The ARD Locksmiths are here to help with all your lockout needs, whether commercial, medical, or emergency! We’ll ensure you can lock yourself out of any building–quickly and easily. So give us a call today!

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